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Herding Pictures

On February 18th, Manners in Motion hosted a Sheep Herding Seminar at Barbara's field in Sterret. Here are some of the pictures. Click on the Dog's name to retrieve the pictures for that dog.

It was a very cold/wet day. Due to weather and light, the following dogs were present but did not have any pictures taken of them:
  • Cactus (Owner Andi Curtiss)
  • Gyp (Owner Jenny McRoy)
Finnegan (Owner - Willie Moore)
Kane - (Owner - Sara Langston)
Kayla - (Owner - Margal Myrick)
Kelda - (Owner - Kate Sreenan)
Pete - (Owner - Jed Jacobsen)
Razzle Dazzle - (Owner - Masha Knox)
Samson (Owner - Lisa Payne)
Shoo Fly - (Owner - Margal Myrick)
Skye - (Owner - Danie Arnt)
Sosa (Owner - Sarah Whitley)
Stella - (Owner - Sally Williams)
Wendy's dogs - (Owner - Wendy Roller)
Misc Pictures

Last Updated: February 22nd, 2006