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DDD Flyball High

Here are the pictures from the DDD "Flyball High" tournament held at Shocco Springs AL. While I tried to get the race numbers before each race, occasionally I took the race number before the table moved the display. 

Please note that because of the lighting, most pictures will look good at 4x6 but may not blow up beyond. Please contact me before ordering 5x7 or 8x10


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Ordering info

Tournement DVD - $40.00
containing all of the images I shot during the weekend arranged by race number.

Tournement CDs  - $60.00
6-10 CDs. This is the same pictures as the DVD but for those who do not have a DVD player on their PC.

Club Team Tournement DVD - $40.00
Get all of your club's images on a DVD mailed to you.  When selecting this option, list your club's race numbers in the paypal comments. If I do not see the race numbers, I will contact you for the race numbers

Team / Picture CDs  - $20.00
Get any 10 images on a CD mailed to you.  When selecting this option, add the photos you want to your cart via the "Add to CD option". If I do not see the images, I will contact you for the image numbers.


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