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Flyball Pictures

Here are the pictures from the Double Dog Dare Dawg Derby tournement held at the Classic Center in Athens Ga. While I tried to get the race numbers before each race, occasionally I took the race number before the table moved the display.  With two racing rings, sometimes the race numbers are out of order withing a folder.

Please note that because of the lighting, most pictures will look good at 4x6 but may not blow up beyond. Please contact me before ordering 5x7 or 8x10

Race 1 to 18
Races 29 - 34
Races 45 - 56
Races 63 - 80
Races 81 - 94
Races 110 - 120
Races 150 - 154
Races 1 - 13
Races 22 - 30
Races 55 - 69
Races 92 to 102
Races 155 to 160

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Ordering info

Tournement DVD - $40.00

Tournement CDs  - $60.00
6-10 CDs. This is the same pictures as the DVD but for those who do not have a DVD player on their PC.

Team / Picture CDs  - $20.00
Get any 10 images on a CD mailed to you. You will get original and web size formats of each image. When selecting this option, list the images in the paypal comments. If I do not see the images, I will contact you for the image numbers.

Last Updated: July 14th, 2009