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Flyball Pictures

Here are the pictures from the Birmingham Bandits "March Madness" tournement held at Shocco Springs Alabala. While I tried to get the race numbers before each race, occasionally I took the race number before the table moved the display.

Please note that because of the lighting, most pictures will look good at 4x6 but may not blow up beyong. Please contact me before ording 5x7 or 8x10

Also, I will be out of the country from 11 March thru 17 March. I will start mailing out the DVDs once I return. For those who did not turn in their "free email of a JPG" at the tournement, you can either mail me the card with your email and image number or EMAIL me the image number, control number at the bottom of the certificate along with your team name and image number.

Races 1 to 4
Races 4 to 10
Races 10 to 17
Races 17 to 23
Races 23 to 29
Races 29 to 38
Races 38 to 49
Races 49 to 56
Races 56 to End of Day
Races 1 to 6
Races 6 to 17
Races 17 to 30
Races 30 to 46
Races 46 to 50
Races 50 to 64
Races 64 to End of Day
Ordering info

Tournement DVD - $40.00

Get all of the tournement pictures on DVDs.

Team / Picture CDs  - $20.00
Get any 10 images on a CD mailed to you. You will get original and web size formats of each image. When selecting this option, list the images in the paypal comments. If I do not see the images, I will contact you for the image numbers.

Last Updated: March 4th, 2008