I program primarily in CA Visual Objects and Vulcan.Net

 Here are some of my samples.


rightSLE rightSLE Library for controlling SingleLineEdit controls
Technicon 1999 My 1999 Technicon sessions with source code
Splash Lib Splash Screen library for VO 2.5
rprMenu Menu library for controlling menus (deletes, enable/disable)
TestDataListView Demonstrates getting a listview column from a mouseclick
SMTP Example Sample of how to wrap the VO SMTP class into a GUILess OLE Automation Object
AWT The Active Web Toolkit for VO 2.5b3
AWT for VOCOM+ The Active Web Toolkit for VO 2.7b Recompiled for VOCOM+. Please note that you will have to own a copy of VOCOM+ to make any mods to this source. The compiled DLLs are included  
AWT for VO 2.8 The Active Web Toolkit for VO 2.8. Only the compiled DLLs are included.
DevFest Pictures The unedited complete set of Devfest 2001 pictures
WinFax This is a small sample showing how to use winfax with ReportPro - With or Without coverpages
Pager This sample shows how to use a VO COM object to send messages to alpha pagers. It also demonstrates queue processing. Included in the zip file is the ASP pages plus all of the VO source needed to run the site. You must register ALL of the dll before you try to run this. Also you must register the pagerQue.exe
CA-World 2002 Sessions Papers and sample code from my CA-World 2002 Sessions
wmADORecordset Sample subclass of the VO2ADO Recordset class. This sample shows how to make the fieldget return NULL VO datatypes instead of NIL when there is not a value returned. It also allows the use of a symbol to access the column. Please note that you have to have VO2ADO inorder to use this sample. VO2ADO Standard ships with VO 2.6!!!!!
BasicMap Example of how to use VO and VOCOM to access Microsoft MapPoint 2003.
Focuschange Example of how to do field validation with VO 2.7a.  
Splashlib for Vulcan Vulcan version of the VO SplashLib. Good example of how to use a delegate to install your own WndProc.
TestVulcanHooks This sample shows how to implement a static class to hook the keyboard. Once the keyboard is hooked, you can block key combinations like ctrl-esc or alt-tab.
InetWithVulcan This sample shows moving between Inetpages with Vulcan and VS 2008.

Last Updated: August 18th, 2009